Coggler Look Book

Coggler is an exclusive collection that sells and feature steampunk styles of product lines for skaters, and all the products are meant to represent a combined inspiration of science, fantasy, and Victorian honor. This look book is the essence of this steampunk collection which displays well designed patterns for new products as well as the ideas behind them.


One of the fun parts of this project was creating multiple patterns by using various methods. This was the part that loosens me from a very organized, planned and common graphic design process, and let’s me have the time to explore different potential possibilities. At the end, I chose four of the best results to apply on this unique brand and products.

Photo manipulation was a beneficial lesson I’ve learned during the whole process of this look book project. In particular, having a rare combination of steampunk and skater, the end products have a real look to them. The right amount of lighting and shading are the keys to make this design look authentic in the end.